aaaTesting your website has never been easier than it is today. Today there are numerous websites that automatically test your website with highly advanced software systems. Websites such as offer automated testers with powerful tools that can literally save you hours upon hours of manual website testing.

When it comes to the actual testing, there are 5 tips that we can give you that you should make sure to do on your website before you initiate the automatic testing. In the paragraphs below we’ll outline these tips.

[1] For the first tip, you should at least moderately test your website code manually before run a script based test, as this will weed out many of the most obvious coding errors beforehand. While auto testers will pick up many errors for you that you probably wouldn’t have found yourself, there are still many errors that you can quickly identify yourself.

[2] Before running script tests you should always manually test that your server is fully live and working properly. If your server is lagging, slow, or isn’t fully online, then the auto script will not be able to test for any errors.

[3] Be sure to test your DNS settings as well, as any misconfiguration will not allow you to run a script based test through your website, thus resulting in an access error.

[4] If you are going to be testing for your website load time, then make sure that you have done everything necessary to make sure that your website not only properly loads, but that it is fully optimized for loading speed. Basically you want to use the testing in order to help you fine tune any potential problems. What you don’t want to do is use the testing when you already know that the website isn’t quite fully optimized yet.

[5] When doing cross browser testing, you should first make sure that you have done everything possible to make sure that your web code is full compatible across all target browsers, such as Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Opera, etc… Again, you want to use auto testing for cross browser compatibility after you’ve made sure to code the website properly, as opposed to sloppily creating a website and then running the auto tester.

In conclusion, auto testing your website should be done after you have done your part to create a properly functioning and coded website, as the auto test will detect far less errors.


When people store their documents properly, they’ll be able to find them quickly when needed, and they will also help to safeguard them from damages. There are some basic tips that an individual can use to store their documents safely.
Tips on Storing Your Important Documents
First of all, there are three different phases of storing documents in the correct way: preparation, packing, and storage. Before a person starts packing their documentation, they should ensure to organize and label everything beforehand. After they’ve organized their documents, the person can then label corresponding boxes in which the documents will be kept.

After the labeling has been completed, people may then go ahead and place their documents in a secure binder or document container. Furthermore, it’s also beneficial that a person adds corrugated cardboard dividers in between the documents to help to provide structure, which will keep the packaging stable so that documents are not pressed together and crinkled.

Also, it’s a wise idea for the person to make a digital copy of the files, if desired. While this may take some additional time to scan all of the documentation into a digital format, it’s well worth the hassle in the event the documents are compromised in any way. Once the person is done making a digital copy of the documents, the preparation phase is complete, and they may move onto the packaging phase of storing their documents.

When a person is packaging their documents into storage boxes, they should place them upright, if allowed by the cardboard boxes. The binders should be cushioned against each other by using specially-designed packing paper; opting to use newspaper can result in transfer of the ink. Lastly, the person can choose to place corrugated pieces of cardboard in between each of the document binders so that they do not topple onto each other.

After the packaging is done, the last step, the storing phase is ready. When a person is storing their boxed documents, it’s helpful if they’re to put down wooden pallets to place the cardboard boxes upon in the storage unit. Placing the boxes upon pallets helps to keep them from absorbing moisture.

After placing the pallets down, the individual should place less needed documents towards the back of the storage area, while placing frequently accessed documents towards the front of the storage area. Also, when storing the boxes, the person should leave a walking area in between, so that they’re able to get to the documents easily.

Lots of people have online stores and many of them may have declining visitor stats. When this happens it is time for a change. It is common for a sight to get a lot of traffic in the beginning because it is new. It is fresh and people want to see what it offers. As times passes, however, the site becomes boring without change. It just becomes ordinary and plain as any other site.
How to Effectively Change your Online Store
This is why it is good to get into the habit of updating the site on a regular basis. Some people that have never changed their online store may ask how it is done. The answer to the question really just depends on how the original site was done. If the site is an online store that is managed and maintained through eBay or Amazon there are limitations on what can be changed. The good news is that it is rather simple to change the things that can be changed. Usually people that have these types of web stores through Amazon and eBay can just log on as an administrator. From this point they can change everything about the background and possibly the buttons. This can give the site a new look and feel for those that want to try something new.

For people that have stores that they have designed themselves there are many options. People can use software from even if they are not technically savvy. They can change the fonts and color schemes with ease these type of web page editors.

The other option that people have is the template. There are tons of places that have free templates that can be downloaded. With these people can download the template and copy and paste a lot of information into the template. When a person doesn’t find a free template that suits their needs they still have even more options available. There are also a lot of free templates out there to choose.

So many people have online stores that may not be doing well because the sites are on poor web store management sites. With this an online store owner may have to cancel a contract and start anew. This can be a little more complicated because it may require switching the domain name from one vendor to another. It may be worth it though it a better deal is found.

Planning your next vacation can be accomplished entirely using your smartphone. There are so many apps available to assist in every aspect of vacation planning. There’s no need to consult a travel agent or even do extensive research browsing through numerous vacation guides. The smartphone has condensed the amount of time and resources needed to plan the ultimate vacation.
Planning Your Next Vacation Using Your Smart Phon
If you are unsure of your next vacation destination, with the help of a destination app, this is absolutely not a problem. You can peruse through numerous destinations via an app, until you find the perfect one. You can actually narrow down the search based on your interests, budget, and other criteria. Many of the trip planning apps include reviews by previous travelers. These reviews provide invaluable information that you can’t get by reading travel brochures. The reviews can give you greater insight and tips regarding the destination, which will allow your vacation to be more enjoyable.

Upon finding the perfect destination, let the planning begin. You can search for and compare different hotels in the chosen vacation destination. Once locating the hotel of choice, you can then book it right from your smartphone. You can check out top attractions and recommended restaurants too. It’s a cinch to book a restaurant reservation using your smartphone.

No matter how you plan to arrive at your destination, there’s an app available to help you get there. Whether you’re taking a bus, train or airplane, you can search for the best rates and book the tickets with your smartphone. You will even be able to keep up with bus, rail or flight schedules and delays via your smartphone. You can also make rental car reservations through your smartphone.

With the lodging and transportation taken care of, you can pull it all together with an itinerary app. This will keep all your vacation plans well organized. You can include interesting attractions and restaurant reservations in the itinerary. There are map apps available to ensure you have no problems finding your way around, as you explore the vacation destination. You can download the maps ahead of time, allowing offline access.

Before heading out for your destination, be sure to download all of the apps to your smartphone that will be helpful. Consider utilizing a reminder or “to do” list app to make sure everything is taken care of as planned. Also, you can send all of the emails pertaining to your trip to an app which will allow access to them anytime, from anywhere. There are apps available to help you locate an ATM. As well, if traveling abroad, consider currency exchange rate apps and translation apps.

In recent years the market for mobile and web applications or “apps” has increased exponentially. Business and individuals can now create apps that can either provide profits or expand their business. There are several different ways to develop your own app but many are unsure of where to start. If you are familiar with and adept at programming then using a software development kit is a great option. If your programming skills are limited or nonexistent then there are many app development tools available for you to create your own app.
How to Develop your Own Ap
When developing an app you do have to consider which platform you want to use. Android, Apple, Blackberry, and Windows all over development programs which can help you develop your app for that specific platform. Android offers a free software development kit that comes with samples, source code, tools, and ways to test your app. The software development kit for Apple iOS costs around $99 but offers a sleek iOS Developer Center that provides a large array of tools for designing apps for Apple iOS. There are many ways to develop apps for the Blackberry platform but their is a fee for every 10 apps you submit for use on Blackberry products. The Windows platform offers the Windows Phone development program which is free and offers a very detailed guide on its approval process. All of these options do require knowledge of programming and a certain amount of technical know how. However by using these options you do have the most control over the final product when developing your app.

Another way to develop an app is to use app development tools. These tools are great when you don’t have a lot of experience with programming. AppMakr is a popular tool that can help you develop an app. The basic version is free but a more advanced version of the popular tool is available for a monthly fee. MyAppBuilder creates an app for you for a monthly fee. With this service the only thing you need to do is provide content for the app and their service takes care of everything else. The only downside to this program is that it does take control of the app development out of your hands. There are also many more great app development tools available other than the ones previously listed.

In today’s fast-paced world various forms of technology are used in almost aspect of our lives. That having been said, it only stands to reason that technology should also be able to help change people’s diets for the better.

In actuality, there are many ways in which technology can and does help people to eat healthier and even lose weight.
How Technology Can Help Change Your Diet for the Better
One way that people can use technology to help them eat healthier is to regularly visit nutritional facts-based web sites where they can compare calorie counts and other nutritional data of their favorite foods.

By visiting the web sites of various weight loss groups and organizations, anyone interested in losing weight or improving their diet can partake of weight loss tips and strategies as well as daily, weekly and monthly menu plans.

With social media web sites being such a dominant force in today’s world it only makes sense that these sites can be utilized in ways that can help to improve peoples’ diets and overall well being. Support networks made up of friends who utilize the sites and other online acquaintances can help to make one’s healthy endeavors and goals easier to attain.

In addition to support from users of social media web sites there are many health and diet-oriented support groups on the Internet that cost nothing to join and maintain membership in. Besides having no membership fees, these support groups offer a real sense of anonymity and you don’t have to attend meetings in person.

A fun and interesting way to embrace technology in your quest to maintain a healthier diet is to start and regularly update a blog. With your own blog you can write about anything you want and you can interact with readers and other blog-writers about diet-related issues.

Another way that you can utilize technology to create and maintain a better diet is to start a personal food journal on your computer. With a journal you can list all of the meals you eat and even post digital photos of them. By studying your eating habits you may be able to see negative or self-destructive patterns that you can then work on controlling or eliminating.

“What do you want to be when you grow up?” is such a common question that some children end up with entire books built around the exploration of that one idea as they mature into adulthood. It is asked at least each and every year in the hopes that it will illuminate a career path that a child will find exciting and be successful at. I am one of those who has such a book. Each page has a pocket to hold things like report cards, class photos for each year of school through twelfth grade, and a checklist of careers below each carefully pasted class picture. For the first couple of years I checked the box next to “Cowgirl” as my preferred adult profession, but this was a rational choice considering I grew up on 2.5 acres of raw land climbing trees and playing with our neighbor’s goats in my spare time…so obviously it seemed a logical decision…
Does the IT Career Sound Right For you
Several years and career paths later, I am still searching for that job that fits me just right. Currently in the field of Social Work, I own and operate more technological gadgets than most of my colleagues. I love to help them when their gadgets have hiccups, or to troubleshoot for them in situations that make their lives and jobs easier. I even know more about the company’s standard issue smart phones than our designated IT professional…

I’m beginning to think that maybe all these signs are pointing in a direction that I might try heading in, if only tentatively at first. Recently I attended an IT career exploration fair at a local state college offering certificates in various IT fields. One thing I learned for sure is that the field of IT is more diverse today than ever before. There are certificates being offered in Natural Language Systems, Software Testing, Security Systems Management in addition to the various programming languages that would allow me to start writing my own programs and software! When I was young this wasn’t a career option. However, it’s never too late to find your passion and discover your talents. Is the IT field right for you? Go to an IT career exploration fair at your local college and talk to the people at the booths or sites like and explore your options. You may end up finding that lost and forgotten career path of creativity winding its way through high speed circuits!

the intention is. There are so many videos that are posted on the web. This means that it takes a special video to be considered viral. The following gives some examples.
Different Ways to Make a Viral Video For Your Tech Company
The Silly Video

People of all ages like silly videos. This is the reality of it all when it comes to viral videos. When someone has an idea to make a video for a tech company it could come from the angle that technicians are somewhat insensitive to the needs of end users. There is a familiar Saturday Night Live skit in which a network technician is called upon to fix issues. In this skit the technician is impatient and somewhat insensitive to the needs of the end user. This is something of a comical nature that many non-technical people may find funny.

The Unexpected Viral Video

Another thing that makes a video get a lot of hits is the unexpected surprise of it all. There are different types of videos that have the ability to shock people and totally catch them off guard at the very end. An example of this may be a tech company that actually knows how to relay technical information in non-technical terms. This would be a shock because there is always a running joke in the corporate world about technicians that only know how to be technical. Lots of these people are presented as engineers and technicians that are also overly technical in the explanations of how things work. A video about the opposite of this would go viral easily because of the shock value.

Go for Cute When All Else Fails

If none of the methods above are feasible there is always one method that is sure to catch the attention of viewers. This involves using the cute angle to get viewers interested.

Sometimes this may take pets or children. At other times it may be adults that are dressed up in costumes. There are also types of different angles that can be used to amuse people with viral video creation. Cute videos have a way of being seen by large crowds because of the word of mouth buzz.

Tech companies that want exposure have many ways to lure customers. The viral videos are definitely advertising vehicles.